What is jQuery TE?

jQuery TE is a jQuery plugin. It is a lightweight (19.5 KB) and very useful HTML editor. And it works with WYSIWYG model.

Most importantly, it can be integrated into your system in 1 minute. And you can modify it as you want in terms of interface. Even you can change the css classes.


Google Chrome Chrome
Mozilla Firefox Firefox
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer
Opera Opera
Safari Safari
Yandex Browser Yandex Browser
jQuery TE works with same performance on the most preferred browsers.

And its source of the output is same as 90% on these browsers.

Also, it compresses to source of the output automatically. jQuery TE's system runs more practical and more rapidly to other some editors.

We recommend that you use this product with the latest version of jQuery.


Total size: 25.7 KB
Minified js size: 19.5 KB
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